About CFPE

CFPE's History

The Consultancy Forum for Pharmaceutical Engineers was formed in 1997 by OilEquip Limited, a process engineering consultancy, in conjunction with senior engineers from three pharmaceutical companies:

  • Jim Longhorn, Genzyme
  • Andy Styles, Rhone Poulenc Rorer
  • Martin Bradney, Nycomed Amersham

The principal objective of the founders was to establish a Best Practice Forum which would:

  1. Provide a forum for outsourcing technical, maintenance and operating issues
  2. Provide a means for establishing common industry procedures and specifications
  3. Provide a vehicle for pharma equipment users to work among themselves and with suppliers to improve technical support and customer service

Over the intervening decades we have continued to strive to provide these original goals for our valued members.

Membership Benefits

Members’ Benefits are provided via four channels:

Face-to-Face Committee Meetings

The primary aspect of CFPE since its founding, our Face-to-Face Committee Meetings are held at a member's site and include a comprehensive site tour, discussions about operational issues and brainstorming to identify strategic topics.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

A more recent development, forming over the past three years, our Special Interest Group (SIGs) Teleconferences are based on the strategic topics emerging from our committee meetings.

Members' E-Mail Network

For those experiencing ongoing operational issues, our Members' E-Mail Network is a vehicle for outsourcing problems to other members.  An average of seven queries a week are sent to industry experts at all 25 member sites.

CFPE Website

The CFPE Website provides an up-to-date event schedule, future meeting agendas, a library of past meeting presentations & summaries and our "Golden Nuggets" supplier recommendations