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For Meeting summaries / presentation of joint committee meetings – look under GMC.

Joint Committee Meeting 5th-6th March 2019 at Alkermes, Cambridge

Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting at Alkermes.  Please find below a meeting summary and two presentations.

Joint Committee Meeting 13-14th March 2017 at Bard (Napp), Cambridge

Thank you to those who attend our two day meeting at Bard (Napp), Cambridge last week.  Please find below a summary of the meeting and the presentations from same:

Joint Committee Meetings – 2017 Presentations & Summaries

Please find below summaries from three face-to-face Joint Committee Meetings held at various Pharma sites during 2017:

Summary of Joint Committee Meeting with Leo Pharma and BMS Dublin 17th November 2017

Thanks very much to everyone who attended our meeting at BMS Dublin and Leo Pharma Dublin on 7th & 8th November 2017.  Please find below a copy of the presentation by Paul Turnock on Asset Management and a summary of the rest of the meeting.    

Summary of Joint Committee Meeting with AstraZeneca, 8th June 2017

Thank you for attending the joint Committee meeting with AZ Macclesfield on 8th June 2017, here is the meeting summary and presentations from the meeting.